Day 18

I will admit, lunch was unhealthy. No excuses I temporarily threw my diet and experiment out the window. Luckily, breakfast and dinner were both very honorable.

Day 18: Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Breakfast:  1 slice of Pumpkin Bread

1 small glass of 1% Low Fat Milk

Lunch:       (From DeLuca’s in Pittsburgh)
1 small glass of 2% reduced fat chocolate milk
1 chocolate chip pancake with strawberries, strawberry ice cream
and whip cream (with caramel cinnamon)

Dinner:    Three small fish fillets
1 serving Florentine Risotto
1 large glass of 1% Low Fat Milk

Dessert:  1 Rice Dream Mint Pie (Non-Dairy)

Snack:      1 medium English Breakfast Tea
1 small bowl of Mom’s Granola
1 Key Lime Pen State low-fat Yogurt with a few non-dairy, grain- sweetened chocolate chips


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