My startling conclusion to the Vegetarian experiment!

When observing my food diary, I noticed I was following more of a low calorie diet than a vegetarian diet. The first two weeks, I drank soymilk in replace of 2% milk. In time, I grew disgusted of the taste. I decided to compromise with 1% lowfat milk. This milk is healthier for me and it taste great! A few of my meals contained eggs and yes, I did occasionally consume fish and chicken. On the other hand, I ate very little (maybe even no) red meat during this experiment.

If I were to become a vegetarian, I would need to be more disciplined and focused than I am. I really enjoyed this vegetarian experiment and I will not rule out the possibility of becoming a vegetarian. A vegetarian lifestyle is a lifestyle I must contemplate for a while before I commit. In the meantime, I am determined to stick to a low calorie diet, both for my health and my happiness.

Overall, these are the two most important principles I gained from this experiment: 1) I learned how to cook for myself and 2) I learned about proper portion control. Whether you are looking to improve your health or assist the environment, I encourage you, the reader, to test a vegetarian lifestyle for three weeks. What will you discover?

One thought on “My startling conclusion to the Vegetarian experiment!

  1. I felt the same way!!! For me, it felt like more of a lifestyle than a diet so it worked better for me as an actual attempt to make better choices. Of course, then I went home for Christmas and that was the end of that haha

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