Review of Kendell Romanelli’s Moon Salutation Workshop at South Hills Power Yoga (Dormont)


Hello fellow yogis, exercisers and health enthusiasts!

Earlier today, I participated in a Moon Salutations workshop at South Hills Power Yoga (Dormont location) with Kendell Romanelli. Here is my review!

First and foremost, this was my first workshop (and first visit EVER) at South Hills Power Yoga. I was so happy that the metered parking was free on Sunday! The original South Hills Power Yoga studio is located in Dormont, which is equal distance between Downtown Pittsburgh and the South Hills. Anywho, I was greeted by Stacey Vespaziani, Owner and teacher at both South Hills Power Yoga studios. She was very friendly!

The workshop was taught by Kendell Romanelli, a renowned yoga teacher in Pittsburgh. She teaches at both Schoolhouse Yoga and B.Y.S. Yoga; Kendell is know for her Chakra flow and Kundalini classes. Chakra flow means she incorporates yoga postures that benefit the seven Chakras (root, sacral/naval, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras). Kundalini yoga moves the energy in the lower part of the body upwards (thus, releasing the serpent). Also, Kundalini yoga involves stimulating and continuous poses.

The South Hills Power Yoga studio space is beautiful! The studio is very spacious and peaceful. The instructor opens the studio 15-30 minutes before class and locks the front door at the start of class (don’t be late!).

What is a Moon Salutation? Moon Salutation is the opposite of a Sun Salutation. The Sun Salutation involves a lot of forward bending and arm balancing poses. During the Moon Salutation, there are several standing postures. The breath is incorporate in synch with the asanas (postures). Kendell explained that the arm balancing poses in Vinyasa yoga were originally intended for menWomen tend to have more strength in their hips, thighs and core. Thus, the Moon Salutation reflects this strength. Originally, the Moon Salutation was created to help teenage boys reduce strength and gain flexibility. Now, all practice the Moon Salutation, but it is very common for women to practice this particular yoga.

Kendell was a wonderful teacher! I might’ve been the only student at the workshop (in others words, I believe the workshop consisted mostly of yoga teachers). Thus, I was very grateful for her modifications, cues and assistance. She was so welcoming and friendly!

Also, the class learned about mantras. We incorporated a mantra into a chanting meditation. The mantra, translated into English, roughly translated to: “everyone around me is a teacher and I am my own teacher”. This means that each person in your life is able to teach you a lesson. Also, you must listen to your inner voice. As Kendell informed us: “it’s when you don’t listen to that inner voice that you know you’re in trouble”. So true! Once we learned the mantra, we participated in some chanting meditation.

During the workshop, we learned some Kundalini poses as well. I can’t describe specifics on that, but I thought they were very helpful! We practiced these poses at the beginning and at the end of the asana practice.

Of course, the final part of the yoga class is the shavasana (hopefully, I’m spelling that right! This means corpse pose, but often is identified as final relaxation). During this time, Kendell sang to us (that was so relaxing)!

Kendell’s husband Rick played acoustic guitar throughout the entire practice. That was so nice! A great change from the usual yoga music booming from either a stereo or iPod.

There you go, folks! The summary of the Moon Salutations workshops. I would definitely attend another workshop at South Hills Power Yoga.

*WORD OF ADVICE*- Whether you are either new to yoga or have never been to the South Hills Power Yoga studios, they have a 10 days for $10 deal. This mean that upon your first visit to the studio, you will receive a 10 class punch card (and the card costs only $10!). It’s good for ten consecutive days. Also, this deal applies to yogis who have either only taken workshops or pay-what-you-can classes at South Hills Power Yoga.

I might have to try this deal! The Peters Township studio is actually an easier commute for me. Plus, I would love to see their second studio!

Below, I will post links to South Hills Power Yoga, Schoolhouse Yoga and B.Y.S. Yoga.

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Thank you, everyone, for reading!

With Gratitude,

Health Kick Lady

South Hills Power Yoga: Dormont and Peters Township Studios

Schoolhouse Yoga (Kendell is a teacher there): Four locations in Pittsburgh

B.Y.S. Yoga (Kendell is an instructor here): Located in Pittsburgh’s historic South Side

10 Days for $10 Special at South Hills Power Yoga: New Student Special

One Whirl Yoga Fest and Health Lifestyle Expo: $35 all day pass. Located at Point State Park. Kendell Romanelli will be teaching there, as well as: Stacey, L.A., Darcy and Candace from South Hills Power Yoga

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