South Side Food Truck Round Up: Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Almost two weeks ago, I attended a Food Truck Round Up in the South Side of Pittsburgh. I was on a mission to discover as many food trucks as I could in one location. Also, I was lucky enough to dine from two of the food trucks! This event was hosted by Lifestone Church and PGH Pierogi Truck. Here we go, with the pictures and Twitter handles!

BRGR Food Truck
BRGR Food Truck

Yes, I returned to the BRGR truck for another chocolate milkshake (and it was everything I thought it would be). Once again, I was too excited (and thirsty) to capture a shot of the milkshake. Although, from one milkshake lover to another, you can trust that the milkshake was delectable. Also, this time it was served up with a joke (*chocolate shake*) lol. Ah, you had to be there!


Franktuary Food Truck
Franktuary Food Truck

Franktuary was in attendance as well. I’ve been to both of their restaurants (one in Downtown and the other in Lawrenceville) and both are great! What Do I love about the Franktuary establishments? Each location provides you with a different experience. While dining at the original location in Downtown Pittsburgh, you are in a basement of a church (thus, a worshipping space for the hot dog). The setting reminds you of a school cafeteria (complete with red cafeteria trays). The menu is simple: hot dogs, sides and drinks (I would recommend either a craft soda or a handmade smoothie). Both times, I’ve ordered a grass-fed beef hot dog and a craft soda. The first time, I tried the Italian toppings (mozarella, basil and tomato). Second time: baja (mango salsa and queso fresco). During my Lawrenceville Franktuary experience, my Mom and I went for brunch. We both had the blueberry jalapeno sausage with waffle bread (I chose scrambled eggs on the top). I have to say, that was one of the best brunches EVER! The fresh-squeezed orange juice was incredible as well.

My Mom dined from the Food Truck and she enjoyed the experience. Once again, the food truck simplifies with hot dogs (either regular, grass-fed beef or tofu dog, identical to the original location). Free condiments, french fries (either “boring” fries or a second, more exciting option that I can’t remember) and POP (as we say in the ‘burgh).


Nakama Food Truck
Nakama Food Truck

Next, there’s Nakama’s Food truck! The original restaurant is located in the South Side of Pittsburgh, known mainly for its sushi (which a few friends say is the best in the ‘burgh). I’ve sampled their sushi at Consol Energy Center (they also have booths at PNC Park and Heinz Field). The Food Truck sells Sushi and Noodles. I didn’t have the opportunity to taste Nakama’s Food Truck delights, but next time I spot the truck, I will have to order some noodles. 🙂


PGH Pierogi Truck
PGH Pierogi Truck

PGH Pierogi Truck! The two employees running the truck were so amicable. The lady greeted us as we walked to the Food Truck rally and the gentleman explained their menu to my Mom. My Mom order one of their stubbed cabbages. The gentleman said she would regret not ordering a second (and he was right). Needless to say, my Mom enjoyed her dinner that night, and fell in love with that stuffed cabbage.


Street Foods PGH Truck
Street Foods PGH Truck

I love me a good crepe! Considering I just had a PGHCREPE the day before, I had to pass on the crepes. Luckily, the Street Foods PGH truck didn’t require my patronage that day- their line was quite long! Whatever fruity (or vegetable-y, craft soda-y) beverages they were serving up intrigued me. Anywho, I witnessed several happy faces departing from the Street Foods Truck. I think they had a good day. 🙂


Unfortunately, Brassero Grill arrived a little late (hence no picture). Although, I’ve heard really good things about this truck. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food from a food truck in the ‘burgh, look no further than Brassero Grill.


Another pictureless visit was from Cake Eaters PGH food stand. I ordered a bacon pecan cookie. Let me tell you: best 75 cents I’ve ever spent. I practically INHALED that cookie- that’s how good it was. Seriously, that’s all I need to be said. It was perfection and heaven, in cookie form.



Last, but certainly not least, is Oh My Grill! Food Truck. I’ve heard good things about this truck, and on that day, I was feeling the grilled cheese vibe. The gentleman serving the customers was very cordial. What makes Oh My Grill! unique? Well, there not just selling your average grilled cheese. They’ve got a four cheese grilled cheese, a grilled cheese with caramelized onions and mustard and even a Cuban grilled cheese (which is what I chose):

Grilled Cuban
Oh My Grill!’s Grilled Cuban

Apart from my Mom’s grilled cheese, this was the best grilled cheese I ever had! The bread was soft, yet flaky and buttery. There was ham, turkey and lots of cheese. The dipping sauce was fantastic. I don’t think Oh My Grill! should charge $8 for this dish- in fact, they should list PRICELESS next to the Grilled Cuban, because nothing can compare to its greatness.


Well folks, I hoped you enjoyed my Pittsburgh Food Truck Round Up! A big departure from the health food topic (I would classify this event as part of the “general excitement of life”), but sometimes, you have to feed your soul.

What’s your favorite food truck? What do you classify as “comfort” food? Tell me by either: 1) “liking” this post, 2) commenting below, 3) send me a tweet (@lauraelizabethj), 4) instagram (@artwritdesign86) me a photo of your favorite food truck and/or comfort food) and/or 5) share this article with others on social media.

*Stay tuned for a Pittsburgh Restaurant Week- Meat & Potatoes: Pittsburgh-Style Dinner post- COMING SOON!*  

With Gratitude,

Health Kick Lady

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