Restaurant Spotlight: Meat & Potatoes


(photo credit: me!)

*FYI- I will post links below to Meat & Potatoes’ website and social media* Meat & Potatoes is my FAVORITE Downtown Pittsburgh restaurants, and one of the best restaurants in the ‘burgh. For this article, I’m going to upload several photos and share my Meat & Potatoes experience thus far:

(Bone Marrow! Photo courtesy of me) One of my first dishes I tried at Meat & Potatoes was Bone Marrow. Why did I order this meal? Well, it’s one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite foods and his former “death row” meal. In other words, if Tony was on his death bed and he had one meal left on earth, it would’ve been Bone Marrow. Nowadays, I believe Anthony’s “death row” meal is Pho- which I’ve been meaning to try! Anywho, this was my first time eating bone marrow and it was FABULOUS! Just spread it on some read and add the toppings that you see in the photo. It’s perfect (and Bourdain would give you a pat on the back for trying)! Image

(Duck Liver Patte- photo courtesy of me)

The second appetizer was Duck Liver Patte. I’ve tried Chicken Liver Mousse before, but this was my first time consuming Duck Liver Patte. Let me tell you, it was even better than the Bone Marrow! The chutney that accompanied the Duck Liver Patte (I don’t believe it’s shown in this picture) was pretty spectacular as well. Once again, all you need is bread, a little bit of butter and chutney, and you’re good to go!


(House made granola and organic yogurt- Photo courtesy of me)

I’ve only been to Meat & Potatoes for brunch once (I will have to return!), but here’s one of the things I ordered: House made Granola and Organic Yogurt with berries. For those health-conscious diners, this is the perfect brunch (and so tasty)!

I was too excited about the second course to capture it on film, but I chose the chocolate french toast, stuffed with bananas and caramel. Did I put syrup on top? You bet!


(Fried Chicken Livers with Cheddar Jalapeno Waffles. Photo courtesy of me)

I attended the Summer 2012 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week at Meat & Potatoes; this was the first of the five course meal. The best dish of the night! I’m happy to say that Fried Chicken Livers is now on the menu (as a “snack”) and the Cheddar Jalapeno waffles have made it to the brunch menu. 😀

The second course was bone marrow (I believe I received one half bone. See above for the full bone marrow appetizer).


(Sweet Bread Taco- Picture courtesy of me)

Once again, another one of Bourdain’s favorite dishes. This was soooo good! Although this dish is not a regular menu item, it is sometimes offered as a special at Meat & Potatoes. Third course in the Summer 2012 Restaurant Week menu.


(Tripe- Photo courtesy of me)

Once again, not a regular menu item; the fourth course for summer 2012 restaurant week. This was a good dish, but not one of my favorite. Even so, I loved the pasta, pasta sauce and bread!

The fifth course of Meat & Potatoes’ Pittsburgh Restaurant Week 2012 was churros with chocolate sauce and fried pieces of pig ears. The churros and chocolate sauce were both so yummy! The pig ear had a very interesting taste- I think frying the pig ears made the dish more appealing. Sadly, no photo of this dish. 😦


(Fried Chicken Livers “snack”- Photo courtesy of me)

While attending Summer 2013 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week at Meat & Potatoes, I ordered the Fried Chicken Livers as a starter. Let me tell you, these were little slices of heaven! They have the chicken nuggets beat by a LONG shot! Sooooo good (and the sauce was incredible)! Everything from the smell to the texture was pleasurable.


(Mushroom Flat Bread- Picture courtesy of me)

My main course for Summer 2013 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week: Mushroom Flat Bread (a regular menu item). Perfect for any vegetarians that wish to dine at Meat & Potatoes! Head’s up for vegan dinners: there is cheese on this dish (and it’s scrumptious)!


(Chocolate Pot Du Creme- Photo Courtesy of me)

My dessert for Summer 2013 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week: chocolate pot du creme. There are no words that can do this dish justice. Pure win all around!


(Chocolate Pot Du Creme- post whip cream: Photo courtesy of me)

As Bourdain would say: “oh yeah baby- the good stuff!”

I was lucky enough to attend Good vs. Evil: A Night with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert when it arrived to Pittsburgh on May 6th. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to do the V.I.P. experience, but Meat & Potatoes cooked Brisket and Bone Marrow for the two guests of honor. Also, Anthony & Eric were treated to a special bottle of bourbon. 🙂 This V.I.P reception at Meat & Potatoes was organized by Chef Richard DeShantz (Owner/Executive Chef of Meat & Potatoes, Butcher N the Rye and Nine on Nine- all located in Downtown Pittsburgh) and Chef Keith Fuller (Owner/Executive Chef of Root 174, located in the Regent Square neighborhood of Pittsburgh).


(Pub Burger with Fries- Photo courtesy of me)

When Meat & Potatoes first opened in May 2011, there signature dish was the Pub Burger (pork belly pastrami). Another food that Anthony Bourdain loves is pork belly (and the pig in general- this favorite animal). WOW! This dish blew me away! There were little pieces of sausage on top of the burger, which I thought was a nice added touch. I didn’t eat the fried egg (I only like eggs scramble), and I tried not to eat too much of the bun (yes folks, even foodies have to be health conscious), but the patty itself was phenomenal. It was like devouring a plate of bacon, but so much better! 🙂


(Oreo Dirt Dessert- Photo courtesy of me)

One of the dishes served during the 2013 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week was a Clark Bar Dirt Pot. Meat & Potatoes has simplified that dish and turned it into an Oreo Dirt Dessert. The Oreo dirt dessert has house-made whip cream on top (with chocolate shavings), Oreo crumbs in the middle and chocolate pudding on the bottom. This dessert satisfied my chocolate pudding craving (that I’ve had for MONTHS), plus, went beyond that with creativity, flavor, texture and presentation.


(Another photo for good measure- courtesy of me)

So, if you are in the Downtown Pittsburgh area (whether it’s for, either: a business meeting, a convention, work or a leisurely visit), I highly recommend dining at Meat & Potatoes! Honestly, it’s a Foodie’s dream come true! 😀

Advice: either arrive at the opening time or make a reservation- this place is popular and fills up fast! Several theater-goers either dine at Meat & Potatoes before or after a show.

With Gratitude,

Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

Meat & Potatoes’ website:

Root 174’s website:

Meat & Potatoes’ Twitter handle: @4meatnpotatoes

Meat & Potatoes’ Instagram: @meat_potatoes

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  1. I used to eat marrow regularly as a kid…but I honestly don’t remember it much anymore. And it almost weirds me out, the idea. But you’re making me think I need to re-visit that childhood memory!

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