Restaurant Spotlight: Conflict Kitchen


*I will include the social media handles and the website below, for your social media pleasure.

Conflict Kitchen is an experimental restaurant, located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Originally, the restaurant was located in East Liberty, and was attached to another restaurant called Waffle Shop (one of my FAVORITE restaurants), which is now closed.

Conflict Kitchen is run by Carnegie Mellon University Professors and Students. This restaurant only creates food based on the country that the U.S. is “conflicting” with at the moment. Right now, it’s Cuba. The next theme will (fittingly) be Korean (which is great for me- I’ve been wanting to try Korean food!).

Originally, I discovered Conflict Kitchen while attending an event at the Waffle Shop. The Waffle Shop (formerly run by CMU staff & students as well) was a place where you could order THE best waffle EVER and watch a live podcast of a Pittsburgh-based TV show. it. Was. AWESOME! Anywho: the last time I visited the Waffle House, I ordered the Venezuelan Hot Chocolate (made by Conflict Kitchen). Afterwards, I knew I had to dine at Conflict Kitchen to sample more cuisine.

When I finally reached Conflict Kitchen, I located the restaurant amongst the hustle-and-bustle of: University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (Main) and Carnegie Museums of Art & Natural History.


On this day, my friend and I were visiting Carnegie Museums of Art & Natural History. Once our museum visit was done, we stopped in the library for a cup of coffee from the ORIGINAL Crazy Mocha. Soon after, we walked through the library and to Conflict Kitchen (the shortest path to the restaurant that I know). I ordered the Black Beans & Rice and the Maria Cookie Ice Cream for dessert. That day was VERY HOT; thus, I scarfed the ice cream IMMEDIATELY w/o taking a photo (lol). X) Although, I managed to capture a photograph of THE best Black Beans & Rice I’ve ever tasted:


So there you have it, folks! Whether you’re a Pittsburgh native or a visitor, you NEED to seek out and dine at this restaurant! It’s been in countless magazines and newspapers. Trust me- you will not regret this visit! It’s a “must-dine” restaurant in the ‘burgh!– Conflict Kitchen’s Website– Facebook Twitter

*DISCLAIMER*- all photos taken by me (Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie). I do not own the rights to Conflict Kitchen and I do not plan to profit off these photos of Conflict Kitchen. Thank you!


-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Spotlight: Conflict Kitchen

  1. Yes! The Conflict Kitchen actually flew to South Korea to meet with a few people from North and South Korea to discuss food options and politics. Cool, huh? 🙂

  2. From NORTH Korea? Wow, they live dangerously. That would be interesting, though, to see if North Korean cuisine is very different from South.

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