Valentine’s Day Dinner in Downtown Pittsburgh



*DISCLAIMER*: These photos were captured by me. I do not neither claim ownership nor monetary gain from these dishes and these restaurants.

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This Valentine’s Day, I actually had plans for a change (lol). X) Plans began after work, at Grit & Grace in Downtown Pittsburgh. My Date and I ordered SEVERAL items from the menu, but we started with three dim sum (pictured above). A dim sum is considered to be a small bite of food. The first dim sum (in front) was duck heart. The dim sum to the right was salmon tartar (which was soooo good) and the dim sum in the back was sweet bread (this didn’t even taste like sweet bread; this dish had more of a fried chicken taste). 

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the next menu item (as I had just arrived from work, my date and I were both VERY hungry): smoked brisket sandwich (shared between the two of us). It was absolutely HEAVENLY! The smoked brisket sandwich consisted of: kohlrabi kraut, thousand island sabayon, pickled red onions, corned beef tongue (my date and I believe this ingredient really made the dish INCREDIBLE) and horseradish cream, served on a baguette. I HIGHLY recommend this dish!



My favorite dim sum of the night (also, i sampled this dish last time) was the pork belly dim sum (pictured above). This tasted similar to a fatter bacon. I was dancing around in my seat- THAT’S how good this dish made me feel! 😀

Other dim sum that were not photographed (due to my hungriness): chips & dips (which contained chicken liver mousse) and kimchee (soooooo good! This has kale beat by a LONG shot)! 

Next, my date and I ventured over to Meat & Potatoes (one of my FAVORITE restaurants!). I tried the “Love Potion No. 9” cocktail. Of course, the bartender could not reveal ALL of the ingredients to me (after all, the equation to love is a secret), but I learned this cocktail contained St. Germaine and Prosecco (such a good combo)! Also, I enjoyed a glass of merlot wine from California. 

For dessert, my date and I shared a chocolate mousse (who am I kidding?!? He took one bit- I DEMOLISHED the rest of this dish).



Shot #1



Shot #2- such a good dessert! I was floating on a cloud of chocolate happiness! 

Thanks so much for reading my post! I hope all of you had a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or not, it’s a good day to inform your loved ones (whether it’s either your significant other, your parents, siblings, friends or your pet) how much you appreciate and love them.


Happy eating & dining,


-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie


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