Quick Post: Third Visit to Grit & Grace in Downtown Pittsburgh!



*DISCLAIMER* I am neither an owner nor a shareholder of Grit & Grace. I reserve all monetary benefits and rights of these dishes TO Grit & Grace. These photos are just amateur photos, captured by me (on an iPhone, utilizing Instagram lol).

*I will post the website link and social media links at the end of this post*

Well folks, I think it’s safe to say that one of my new FAVORITE dinner spots in Downtown Pittsburgh is Grit & Grace. I’m not going to describe the restaurant TOO much (since I already have in the following two posts: http://healthkicklady.net/2014/01/20/pittsburgh-restaurant-week-winter-2014-dinner-1-3/ and http://healthkicklady.net/2014/02/16/valentines-day-dinner-in-downtown-pittsburgh/). If you haven’t read these two posts yet, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. 🙂

Recently, I read an review in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of Grit & Grace; the article stated that Grit & Grace was bringing a taste of San Francisco to Pittsburgh. I never really thought of this before, which surprised me (given my trip to San Francisco in June 2013). Now that I have time to reflect on this observation, I’m beginning to understand. 

Grit & Grace’s unique selling point is their dim sum! Anyone who has ever watched Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations already has an image of dim sum in their head (trust me- I did, too). This image includes little dumplings filled with wonderful food, being served in bamboo baskets that are carried to each table by the waiter or waitress. Grit & Grace has taken the definition of dim sum (“small bite”) literally and has given dim sum an American twist.

First case in point- see image above this post, which is country pate dim sum. What a fascinating spin on country pate (which I think of as being very French)! Although the presentation was impeccable, this particular dim sum was good, but not great (I hate to say it). Never fear, dear readers! More dim sum is on the way! 



Of course, I had to order my FAVORITE Grit & Grace dim sum: pork belly! Thanks to Anthony Bourdain, I was fearless when I tasted this dim sum the first time I dined at Grit & Grace. I must say: this is THE BEST dim sum that Grit & Grace serves! It tastes like you’re eating fatty bacon. Sooooo good! Absolutely HEAVENLY! 😀 



Next: crispy brussels sprout dim sum! My Mom order this dim sum first, and I (of course) had to have a taste. I was hooked from the start! Usually, I’m not a fan of brussels sprout, but I LOVED the way that Grit & Grace prepared this dim sum! If brussels sprout were alway cooked like this, I could eat them ALL DAY!



Lastly: round two of the pork belly (I couldn’t resist)! 😉 

During this visit, I tried two of the three homemade condiments that Grit & Grace offers at each table. The first one I tried had tomato and chili in it- this paired really well with the brussels sprout dim sum. Then, I sampled the onion & fennel condiment; this one paired nicely with both the brussels sprouts and the dim sum.

So, there you have it, folks! My advice to you: if you live in Pittsburgh, and you haven’t dined at Grit & Grace yet, what’s your excuse? Visitors: when you arrive in Pittsburgh, you MUST dine at Grit & Grace! Reservations can easily be made either by phone or by using OpenTable.


Happy dining,


-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie


Grit & Grace’s website: http://gritandgracepgh.com/

Grit & Grace’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grit-Grace/150557605154918

Grit & Grace’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gritpgh

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