Belated Post: BURGATORY (Robinson Township) and Il Pizzaiolo (Market Square location)


*DISCLAIMER* I do not own any of the rights to neither Burgatory’s nor II Pizzaiolo’s restaurants and products. I am just a humble foodie, wishing to share my experience with others. These are “amateur” photographs, taken by me on my iPhone 4S (using Instagram). 🙂

Websites and social medias will be listed at the bottom of this post.

First and foremost, I wish to apologize for ANOTHER delay in posts. It’s been almost a month since my last post (and WAY longer since my last confession lol). My devoted blog followers probably know that I am pursuing my 200 Hour Power Vinyasa Yoga certification through South Hills Power Yoga in Pittsburgh, PA. Although I have enjoyed every minute of training, it is a serious time commitment. Plus, I start a new full-time job on Monday, May 12 (!!!). Thus, the free I have that has not been devoted to yoga has mainly been devoted to prepping for that.

ANYWHO- back on track here.

Towards the middle of last month, I visited Burgatory (Robinson Township location) with a dear friend. If you truly call yourself a Pittsburgher, and you are unfamiliar with the local Burgatory chain (and/or have never been to a Burgatory)- SHAME! Never fear, I will forgive you (just this once), but only on the notion that you will study up on Burgatory and visit one soon. 😀

Burgatory is mainly know for their DELECTABLE gourmet burgers and INCREDIBLE milkshakes! Also, one of my FAVORITE graphic design companies (Wall-to-Wall Studios) did the graphic design work for Burgatory. It’s obvious that Wall-to-Wall had LOTS of fun with the branding, and the personality of the restaurant truly shines through the advertising.

I capture this lovely photo (above) of my chocolate milkshake! Let me tell you- one of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had! Of course, if you don’t want a plain old milkshake, they have fancy ones (the first time I visited Burgatory, I ordered a S’mores milkshake and my Mom ordered a non-alcoholic Burnt Almond Torte milkshake. Both were FABULOUS)!


For the main course, I ordered the “special of the day” Chicken Marinara burger with two kinds of cheese, fried zuccini, red pepper and spinach leaves on focaccia bread. Sweet potato chips on the side! This burger was FANTASTIC! I enjoyed this trip to Burgatory even more than my first trip!

My only words of caution: the portions are BIGyou get a LOT of food! Thus, if you’re not constantly downing lovely burgers and milkshakes, I would advise to either do a gourmet milkshake and a variation burger (like I did) or a “classic milkshake” (like I did) and a gourmet burger. Another option: order whatever milkshake and burger that you want. Make sure you drink your whole milkshake, and bring home the leftovers of your burger that you can’t finish. The first time I visited in 2013, I ordered both a gourmet milkshake and a gourmet burger. Don’t get me wrong- I loved every minute of it, but my tummy was not so happy later. I was BEYOND full, and I couldn’t eat anymore food for the rest of the day. I would like to enjoy my meal w/o feeling overly full and bloated for the rest of the day.

On a brighter note, ordering the classic chocolate milkshake with the Chicken Marinara burger was the PERFECT combo for me! I was able to enjoy my lunch, w/o feeling full & bloated, AND I was able to eat dinner later in the evening. Now that’s a win-WIN! 😀


Onwards to II Pizzaiolo! For my Mom’s birthday, I treated her to lunch at the Downtown Pittsburgh (market square) location. Since we were already in Downtown running errands, this was the PERFECT choice! This was my Mom’s first time dining at either location- thus, I was very excited for her! We both ordered the same thing: the magherita pizza (pictured above). In my opinion, II Pizzaiolo serves the best Pizza in the burgh. PERIOD. Especially if you’re looking for real, authentic, ITALIAN pizza (you know, like the pizza in Italy. Not the heavily-laiden tomato sauce, cheese and thick crust pizzas that we know in America. Not that those are a bad thing [especially after a night out on the town]). It’s obvious that Pizzaiolo uses the freshest, highest quality ingredients! They try to use as many local ingredients as they can (and what Pizzaiolo can’t find locally, they import from Italy). Beside the authenticity of the pizza and the quality of the food, another trait that sets Pizzaiolo out from the rest is: they do not cut your Pizza! That’s right, folks! You do what Italians do and you cut your own Pizza (which, I personally LOVE! That’s great that Pizzaiolo adds an interactive aspect to their dining experience). Pizzaiolo gives you a special knife to cut your pizza with (*geeking out in the corner*). Let me re-phrase: you can’t take the knife home with you (they’re not GIFTING it to you), but it’s made available to you for your dining adventure.


It’s a VERY rare occasion for me to leave a restaurant without ordering dessert. This time, I certainly lived up to my reputation and ordered chocolate gelato. Look at this sight of beauty! The cool chocolate gelato was the perfect compliment to the hot (yet tasty) pizza. 😀 Plus, every time I consume gelato, I feel like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday! ❤


Well, there you have it, folks! There are my two reviews- I apologize (once again) for the delay! If you’re itching to stay more up-to-date with me, please follow me on Twitter (@lauraelizabeth) and Instagram (@artwritdesign86).


Thanks everyone!


Three cheers to good food, fabulous company, and WONDERFUL art & cultural events!


Happy dining,


Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie


Burgatory’s website

Burgatory’s Facebook page (for the Robinson Township location)

Burgatory’s Twitter handle

Burgatory’s Instagram

II Pizzaiolo’s website (Downtown location)


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