Second to Last Weekend of May Fun!

S'mores dessert cocktail
S’mores cocktail

*DISCLAIMER*: These photos were captured with an iPhone 4S, through Instagram. I do not claim monetary benefits on neither these photos, nor the dishes photographed. I’m just a foodie, who enjoys sharing my culinary adventures with others! 🙂

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Two Fridays ago, I dined for the first time at Mahoney’s in Downtown Pittsburgh. I was greeted by the owner (who was extremely cordial)! I had no idea whether I should enter in through the opened patio or the door, and he was kind enough to hold the door for me. I was at Mahoney’s to meet up with a few fellow Pittsburgh bloggers.

My friend Jess let me share some of her appetizer with her. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the appetizer, but it was scrumptious! The appetizer was stuffed mushrooms, that were stuffed with shrimp and cheese. Sooooo good!

For my main course, I had a Bison burger with sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries were WONDERFUL! The Bison burger was okay. I must admit, I’ve never tried bison before. Thus, I’m not sure if I didn’t like it b/c of trying it for the first time, or because of the way it was cooked. Either way, here’s the photo:

Bison Burger with Sweet Potato Fries
Bison Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

There was only one waitress/bartender in the whole place. Even so, she did a great job, being attentive to each guest, but not overly attentive. She gave the bloggers and I plenty of space to converse with each other.

After two of the bloggers left, Jess convinced me to have a drink with her at a new restaurant called Ten Penny. I had a dessert “S’mores” cocktail. One word: WOW! When you drink the cocktail, it really DOES taste just like a s’more. The alcohol taste kicks in later, almost as an after-effect. I loved it!


S'mores dessert cocktail
S’mores cocktail

Last Sunday, I attended class for the first time at BYS Yoga in the South Side. I participated in a YogaWorks, Level 1/2 class with the LOVELY Anna-Gilbert Zupon. I had heard that she and her husband would be moving away from Pittsburgh soon. Thus, I wanted to make sure I enrolled in a class with her while I still could! The perfect post-yoga treat: vegan chocolate cinnamon cake at Amazing Cafe (owned by Karen and Sean Conley of Amazing Yoga, with the South Side studio right next door to the cafe):


Vegan Chocolate Cinnamon Cake
Vegan Chocolate Cinnamon Cake

Let me tell you: you would HARDLY even know this was a vegan cake! So tasty and moist, and much healthier than your average piece of cake. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the Amazing Cafe, which was playful and joyful. I will DEFINITELY return for brunch- the french toast sounded REALLY good!


Well, there you have it, folks! Watch out for another upcoming post on my most recent dinner at Meat & Potatoes! 😀


Three cheers to good food, fantastic art, cultural events, and Pittsburgh-ese namastes,


-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie


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BYS Yoga’s website:

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Amazing Yoga’s website:

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