Recent Summer Foodie Adventures

Ben Folds & PGH Symphony Concert


(Ben Folds w/ the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Concert: pre-concert)

*DISCLAIMER*: I am not seeking monetary benefits from neither Ben Folds, The Pittsburgh Symphony nor any of the restaurants and the food trucks. I am just a Pittsburgh blogger, who enjoys documenting my foodie and cultural adventures! All of the photos were taken with my iPhone 4S, utilizing Instagram, and were edited with the assistance of Adobe Photoshop Extended CS4.

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Fried Rice with Chicken Thigh

Fried Rice w/ Chicken Thigh from Grit & Grace, before the Ben Folds Concert! Soooooooo good! 😀 The best fried rice I’ve ever had!

Chicken Thigh w/ Fried Rice

Chicken Thigh glamour shot! 🙂

Brownie Caramel Granola Dessert

Shot #1 of the Brownie Caramel Granola dessert from Grit & Grace- a chocoholic & caramel lover’s dream come true!


Shot #2 and slide #2 of the dessert plate.

Brisket Sliders

Brisket Sliders at Trax Farms’ Summer Wine Festival! I ordered these from the Big Black Grill Catering Company. As Anthony Bourdain would say: “oh yeah, baby; the good stuff“! 😉

Oh My Grill! Number One Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Also, I ordered the “Number One” grilled cheese sandwich at the Trax Farms’ Summer Wine Festival! This was from the Oh My Grill! (Grilled Cheese) Food Truck! Once again, the gentleman taking orders in the truck was extremely kind & helpful!

PGH Pierogi Truck Potato & Cheese Pierogies

Well folks, I FINALLY ordered some pierogies from the PGH Pierogi Truck! These are potato & cheese pierogies, with onions sprinkled as a garnish. Let me tell you: these were some of THE BEST pierogies I’ve EVER had! 😀 The Pierogi Truck was present at last weekend’s South Side Works Exposed Festival.


Of course, I had to order from multiple food trucks (but let me assure you, I had a friend assisting me to consume the poutine). The next order of business: poutine from the Franktuary food truck! INCREDIBLE! 😀 I’ve had this once before; the fries are cooked to perfection! I really like the vegan gravy and the cheese curd as well. This was also from the South Side Works Exposed Festival.

BRGR Turkey Burger with a Lettuce Wrap

It might be hard to tell, but there’s a delicious BRGR Average Joe Turkey Burger hiding beneath all of that lettuce! I wished to enjoy a burger, but I tried to make it health(ier) as well. Thus, I chose the “Average Joe” burger (which came with tomato, onion and a slice of provolone cheese), but I made it a turkey burger. 🙂 Also, I replaced the usual hamburger bun with a lettuce wrap (to cut down on calories). You can have your burger, and eat it, too! 🙂 Also from the South Side Works Exposed festival.

BRGR Peanut Butter Milkshake

The last (food) treat of the day from the South Side Works Exposed festival was the shake of the day from the BRGR Food Truck: the Peanut Butter Milkshake! This was VERY tasty!

Espresso A Mano

This photo was taken at today’s Lawrenceville adventure, which started at Espresso A Mano! 😀

Stay tuned for an upcoming post, featuring brunch at Ten Penny (in Downtown Pittsburgh) and Anthrocon 2014! 😀


Until next time, foodies:


Three Cheers to good food, cultural events and fabulous art,


-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie


Ben Folds’ website

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Ben Folds’ Twitter

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s website

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s Facebook page

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Grit & Grace’s website

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Big Black Grill’s website

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South Side Works’ website

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Oh My Grill! Food Truck’s website

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PGH Pierogi Food Truck’s website

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Franktuary Food Truck’s website

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BRGR Food Truck’s website

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Espresso A Mano’s website

Espresso A Mano’s Facebook page

Espresso A Mano’s Twitter

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