Stay Tuned: Preview of Upcoming Posts

Hello Foodies:

I appreciate all of your patience, as I am (once again) waiting for some cool foodie and cultural events to arrive! I have some WONDERFUL blog posts lined up for all of you, including: eatPGH and Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s Urban Supper (which I will be guest blogging about on Michael Pellas’ Downtown Living blog), my vacation to Las Vegas (and you BET I will be posting about the restaurants I visit!), a birthday dinner at Crested Duck Charcuterie, and more! Stay tuned, Pittsburgh Foodies!

Thanks again, for all of your patience & support,

-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

eatPGH’s website (and a specific link to the Urban Supper)

eatPGH’s Facebook page

eatPGH’s Twitter page

eatPGH’s Instagram page

Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s website

Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s Facebook page

Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s Twitter page

Michael Pellas: Downtown Living blog

Michael Pellas’ Twitter page

Crested Duck Charcuterie’s website

Crested Duck’s Facebook page

Crested Duck’s Twitter page

3 thoughts on “Stay Tuned: Preview of Upcoming Posts

    1. Thanks Julia! I’m excited to try the Crest Duck for the first time (and review it on my blog)! I’ve heard good things about that restaurant, too! Thanks for the birthday wishes, thanks for hosting the Urban Supper & for letting me guest post on the eatPGH blog! 😀

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