Summer & Fall Foodie Adventures

Cafe Moulin
Cafe Moulin in Shadyside

*Disclaimer* I do not seek monetary benefits from neither Cafe Moulin, Wigle Whiskey nor PGH Taco Truck. I’m jut a Pittsburgh Foodie, who likes to share her foodie adventures with others. Pictures were captured on an iPhone4S and edited utilizing Instagram and Photoshop Extended CS4.

*Website & social media links are located below this post!*

Sometime in September (before the official start of fall), my Mom stumbled across the former spot of Crepes Parisiennes‘ Shadyside location. Now, there’s a new Crepe place in that spot, and it’s called Cafe Moulin.

When you step into the cafe, you really do feel like you’re sitting in a little cafe in Paris, but NO- it’s Pittsburgh (and Shadyside, no less)!

Alaskan Crepe from Cafe Moulin
Alaskan Crepe from Cafe Moulin

I ordered an Alaskan crepe (smoked salmon, creme fresh, dill with green onions on the top). Wow! This was one of the best crepes I’ve ever had! I don’t think Cafe Moulin will have any trouble bringing in business to its cafe!

Wigle Whiskey
Wigle Whiskey’s Distillery in Pittsburgh’s Historic Strip District neighborhood

Towards the end of September, I was lucky enough to attend a cocktail class with Wes Shonk of Wigle Whiskey! We learned how to make some of the classic cocktails, such as an Old Fashioned (one of my favorites)! Also, we received a tour of the distillery (where the lovely Wigle Whiskey spirits are made)! 😀

On the very last Saturday of September (28th), my Mom and I returned to the Strip District for the monthly Neighborhood Flea event (a pop-up Flea Market, created & organized by Carrie Nardini of the I Made it! Market). Also, we visited the Pittsburgh Public Market, Enrico Biscotti, Mon Aimee Chocolat, Penn Mac and the PGH Crepe cart. 🙂

The highlight of the trip was this SCRUMPTIOUS taco from the PGH Taco Truck:

Chorizo Taco from PGH Taco Truck
Chorizo Taco from PGH Taco Truck

This is the best taco I’ve EVER had in my entire life! Pittsburgh (and visitors): if you ever have a chance to dine from the PGH Taco Truck, order the Chorizo taco (and tell James the owner that the Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie sent you!). The Chorizo for this taco is made by Chef Keith Fuller of Root 174. You really can’t go wrong with this meal! I recommend ordering a Mexican Coke, too (it tastes better than the regular coke)! A taco plus a coke for $8? You can’t be that price and quality of food! 😀

Stay tuned, foodies! Soon, I will be posting about my Las Vegas vacation!

Three Cheers to good food, fabulous art & cultural events,

Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

Cafe Moulin’s website

Cafe Moulin’s Facebook page

Cafe Moulin’s Twitter page

Wigle Whiskey’s website

Wigle Whiskey’s Facebook page

Wigle Whiskey’s Twitter page

Wigle Whiskey’s Instagram page

PGH Taco Truck’s website

PGH Taco Truck’s Facebook page

PGH Taco Truck’s Twitter page

PGH Taco Truck’s Instagram page

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