Breakfast at Bouchon Bistro in Las Vegas

Bouchon Bistro Las Vegas

*DISCLAIMER* I do not seek monetary benefits from neither Thomas Keller nor Bouchon Bistro. I’m just a foodie, who enjoys sharing her foodie adventures. Pictures were captured with an iPhone 5s and photos were edited in Instagram and Adobe Photoshop CS4 extended.

*Website and social media links are below this post!*

Day two of my epic Las Vegas trip: Breakfast at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro, located in the luxurious Venetian Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas strip. Never in my wildest dreams did I image I would be dining at Bouchon. I know for sure I will (probably) never have the chance to dine at The French Laundry (I heard it’s very expensive and it’s apparently difficult to make a reservation). Anywho: I learned that there was Bouchon location in Las Vegas. After I browsed through the brunch, breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, my Mom and I decided on venturing over to Bouchon Bistro for breakfast.

Chocolate Almond Croissant
Chocolate Almond Croissant from Bouchon Bistro in Las Vegas

Dish #1 (which my Mom and I shared): Chocolate almond croissant. This was a VERY good croissant, but not as good as the croissants that Pittsburgh’s own La Gourmandine bakery makes.

Granola, yogurt and fruit parfait
House made Granola with vanilla yogurt and fruit compote

If you’re going to have a parfait, you may as well order one from Bouchon! This was INCREDIBLE! Some of the best granola and yogurt I’ve ever had! House made granola, homemade vanilla yogurt with fruit compote. Floating on a cloud of happiness!

Granola & yogurt parfait
Close up of the house made granola with vanilla yogurt & berry compote
Cinnamon Beignets du Jour at Bouchon Bistro in Las Vegas

I hit my first time consuming beignets right ‘atta the park! These little beignets were the best pastries I’ve EVER had! 😀 Nice and light with the right amount of crunch! Plus, the dipping sauces (a nutella-like dip and house made jam) really made this dish special.

Next time you’re in Las Vegas, I HIGHLY recommend stopping by Bouchon Bistro in the Venetian for either brunch, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yes, it will be a little more money (well, breakfast was moderately priced, but I’m not sure how much dinner runs), but it’s totally worth it! Traditional French cuisine, prepared with love, right in the heart of the Las Vegas strip! This place is a foodie’s delight!

Three cheers to good food, fabulous art & cultural events!

-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

Bouchon Bistro Las Vegas’ website

Bouchon Bistro’s Facebook page

Bouchon Bistro Las Vegas’ Twitter page

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