Mario Batali’s Otto Las Vegas

Chocolate, Vanilla Bean & Salted Caramel Gelati from Otto Las Vegas

*DISCLAIMER*: I do not seek monetary benefits from neither Mario Batali nor Otto. I am just a foodie, who enjoys sharing my foodie adventures. Pictures were captured with my iPhone 5s and edited with Instagram and Adobe Photoshop Extended CS4.

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The second night in Vegas, my Mom and I dined at Mario Batali’s Otto, located inside The Venetian Resort & Casino. Before I left for my Las Vegas trip, I viewed LOTS of famous chef’s website to see who’s restaurants fascinated me the most. I must say, Otto was one of them! Otto is an Italian food mecca: lots of pasta dishes, pizza, wine (all from Italy) and of course, gelati!

Pictured above was my dessert from my meal: dark chocolate, vanilla bean & salted caramel gelati! All of the flavors were tasty, but the dark chocolate was my favorite. 🙂

Both the restaurant’s design and the inside of the Venetian shopping promenade was so idyllic! Even though I’ve never been in Italy, just being at both Otto and the Venetian made me FEEL as if I was in Italy.

So far- good atmosphere & good gelati! 🙂 The maitre’d was INCREDIBLE (and so cute- I swear, he was a Prince Harry look-a-like!); he was very knowledgeable of all of the food and the wine. Very friendly and very attentive to our table (more so than our lackluster waiter).

Pancetta and Goat Cheese Pizza
Pancetta and Goat Cheese Pizza from Otto Las Vegas

Moving on to my dinner: pancetta and goat cheese pizza! This pizza was absolutely MIND-BLOWING! Almost as good as II Pizzaiolo in Pittsburgh (almost). You can’t go wrong with pancetta, goat cheese, good tomato sauce and a good crust! I was a very happy dinner! Also, I wish you all had “smell-o-vision” (as Emeril would say), cuz this dish smelled INCREDIBLE!

If you’re looking for a leisurely & special dinner in Vegas, I recommend Mario Batali’s Otto!

Three cheers to good food, fabulous art & cultural events,

-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

Otto’s Las Vegas website

Otto Las Vegas’ Facebook page

Mario Batali’s Twitter page

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