Latest Brunch at Meat & Potatoes

Old Fashioned
Breakfast Old Fashioned from Meat & Potatoes

*DISCLAIMER*: I do not seek monetary benefits from Meat & Potatoes. I am just a Pittsburgh Foodie, who enjoys sharing her foodie adventures. All photos were captured with an iPhone 5s and edited with Instagram and Adobe Photoshop Extended CS4.

The second-to-last Sunday in February, my Mom & I went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Benedum Center in downtown Pittsburgh. We attended the matinees showtime; of COURSE, we had to go for brunch before the show. This time, we chose Meat & Potatoes (one of my favorite restaurants).

Pictured above is my LOVELY brunch drink, the Breakfast Old Fashioned, which contains: bacon bourbon, orange-vanilla infused maple syrup and barrel aged bitters. This cocktail was sooooo good, and it paired so well with my brunch dishes!

Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun from Meat & Potatoes!

Lately, Meat & Potatoes has been offering appetizers and special brunch dishes at brunch. One of the appetizers that was offered (and I HAPPILY accepted) was this cinnamon bun! This blew all of the other cinnamon buns I’ve ever had out of the WATER!  Hot, gooey, cinnamon-y. Just perfect! Also, this is big enough to share with someone else (trust me on this! I am so glad my Mom shared with me, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to finish this dish). This was the highlight of brunch!

Cinnamon Bun
Closeup of the cinnamon bun

Close-up of my BEAUTIFUL cinnamon bun!

Short Rib Hash
Short Rib Hash at Meat & Potatoes

My main dish: short rib hash! I have tasted this dish once before (at the Winter 2014 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Food Blogger Brunch) and it was soon good! That was my first time consuming a poached egg as well! This was my first time sampling this dish since that brunch. The poached egg was good and the potato hash was great, but for some reason, the hollandaise sauce and the short rib weren’t as nearly as good as the last time. I’m not sure if this was an off-moment or what, but I expected better.

Short Rib Hash
Second photo of the short rib hash
Red Velvet Cake Cup
Red Velvet Cake Cup from Meat & Potatoes

Luckily, dessert redeemed my disappointment over the previous dish. When I ordered the Red Velvet cake, I expected it to be served as a normal piece of cake.When the waiter handed me a spoon, I just thought to myself, “how in the world am I supposed to eat this cake with a spoon”? Once the dessert was presented to me, it all made sense. Meat & Potatoes loves mason jars (and other jars for their desserts and pates), and this dessert was PERFECT!LY composed and packed into this jar! I could tell the cream cheese icing was homemade (soooooo good) and I am a HUGE fan of anything red velvet. The cake was INCREDIBLE- moist, soft and delectable. I am officially in love with Meat & Potatoes’ pastry chef. ❤

Well, there you have it, folks! There’s my review!

Three cheers to good food, fabulous art & cultural events,

-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

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