My first visit to Salud Juicery in Sewickley

Salud Juicery
Two women chatting towards the front of the Salud Juicery (original Sewickley locating) store front!

*DISCLAIMER*: I do not see monetary benefits from Salud Juicery. I am just a Pittsburgh foodie, who enjoys to share her foodie adventures. Photos were captures on my iPhone 5s, and edited with Instagram and Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended.

I had heard so many good things about Salud Juicery, I figured it was time to try it. What better opportunity to visit when my Mom and I were already in Sewickley shopping? Also, I was curious to see how Salud Juciery compares to Amazing Cafe in the South Side.

Salud Juicery in Sewickley
Behind the counter at Salud Juicery in Sewickley
Salud Juicery's menu
First half of Salud Juicery’s menu!
Salud Juicery Sewickley
Second half of the menu at Salud Juicery in Sewickley!

Salad’s menu is not quiet as extensive as Amazing Cafe, but still impressive! Juices. Smoothies, cleanses, bowls, coffee, tea, and other assorted beverages.

Racer's Edge Smoothie
My Smoothie of Choice: Racers Edge

I chose the Racers Edge smoothie, which contains: banana, cacao, peanuts, oats and nutmeg. This was VERY good! I sipped this all throughout the Sewickley adventure (and lunch)! This smoothie provided me with the energy to zip through the day!

Salud Juicery also has a Shadyside locating (on Copeland street, very close to Amazing Yoga); I’m excited to visit that location as well sometime soon! I think I will have to order a juice, and perhaps I will buy a cleanse kit as well. 🙂

Three Cheers to good food, fabulous art and cultural events,

-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

Salud Juicery’s website

Salud Juicery’s Facebook page

Salud Juciery’s Instagram page

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