Food Blogger Brunch at Cocothe in Sewickley

Homemade Biscuits
Homemade biscuits from Cocothe Chocolaterie, Bakery & Cafe in Sewickley

*DISCLAIMER*: I do not seek monetary benefits from neither Cocothe, nor its owners. I’m just a Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie, who enjoys sharing her foodie adventures with others! Photos were captured with an iPhone 5s, and edited in Instagram.

A few weeks ago, Tasha of The Foodtasters, Heidi of The Steel Trap, and Terri of Parmesan Princess/Between the Eats and I were all invited to a mini Food Blogger Brunch at Cocothe in Sewickley! If you missed my introductory blog post about Cocothe, please click here:

Picture up above was the first dish: homemade biscuits, one of the highlights of brunch! These were particularly good, when paired with the next dish:

Honey, Butter, Cheese & Compote Jam
Honey, Compound Butter, Apple Butter and Rhubarb Jam

(My favorite things were the herb creme fresh spread, picture in the upper left-hand corner, and the rhubarb jam, photographed in the upper right-hand corner. Soooooooo good!)

Berry Basil Salad
Course #2: Berry Basil Salad, with mixed berry, fresh basil from Cocotte’s herb garden & honey

This was WONDERFUL! So refreshing, light & healthy- PERFECT for summer! I could tell that the berries & basil were both very fresh, and the honey tasted MARVELOUS, drizzled on the top!

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
This particular Sunday, Cocothe was SLAMMED with customers. As a thank you for your patience, the two owners made us some double chocolate chip cookies! 😀
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
Close up of one of the SCRUMPTIOUS double chocolate chip cookies!
Terri’s brunch: Chilaquiles! As the Parmesan Princess wisely advised: “when in doubt, I go Mexican (food-wise).”
Prosciutto with Figs Sandwich
Heidi’s “Figgy Wiggy” sandwich- Prosciutto with Figs! Now THAT sounds HEAVENLY!
Blueberry Pancakes
Mom’s brunch: blueberry pancakes! Some of THE best pancakes I’ve EVER had in the ‘burgh!
Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Dish #3- two small chocolate chip pancakes! Some of THE best pancakes I’ve EVER had!

These pancakes totally transported me back to my childhood, when my Mom would take me to DeLuca’s in the Strip District, and I would get the chocolate chip pancakes. 🙂

Chef's Plate
Tasha and I both ordered the same thing for our main courses: The Chef’s Plate!

Eggs any way that you like it (I chose scrambled), avocado toast (“toast is back, baby”- Stacey Vespaziani & Amy C.), berry salad, sliced cherry tomatoes, chicken apple sausage, and hollandaise sauce. WOW! My favorite things were: the scrambled eggs, the avocado toast (a taste of California), and the chicken sausage (which I also tried once at The Square Cafe in Regent Square). I HIGHLY recommend this dish! (*thumbs up*)

Chef's Plate Close-up
Close up of my LOVELY brunch!

Pittsburgh: whether you live north west of the city, or if you live in the South Hills like I do, Cocothe is TOTALLY worth the trip for brunch! 😉

Cheers for good food, fabulous art & cultural events,

-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

Cocothe’s website

Cocothe’s Facebook page

Cocothe’s Twitter page

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