Preview of the 2015 One Whirl Yoga Fest

Acro Yoga
Intro to Acro Yoga at the One Whirl Yoga Festival
Chorizo Tacos
Chorizo Corn Tacos from the Brassero Grill Food Truck! Sooooo good!
Pittsburgh Juice Company
Cashew Milk Coffee (Vegan) from the Pittsburgh Juice Company = YUM & WOW!

Sorry for the delay, folks! I have been dealing with digestive issues for the past two weeks. Combine that with Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (where I mainly ate fruits and vegetables lol), and yoga, I’ve been pretty busy!

I will be posting my full One Whirl Yoga Fest post on Sunday!

Stay tuned, yogis!

Namaste n’at, yinz yogis & foodies,

-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie

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