Summer 2015 Foodie Adventures

Cocktail from Butcher & The Rye
Summer Cocktail from Butcher & The Rye, in  downtown Pittsburgh. This was VERY tasty!
*DISCLAIMER*: I do not seek monetary benefits, from any of these restaurants; I’m just a Pittsburgh Foodie, who enjoys sharing her foodie adventures. Photos were captured on an iPhone 5s, and edited with Instagram & Adobe Photoshop CS4. 

Recently, I have gone on several Foodie adventures; since I have been a Social Butterfly, it’s been very hard to devote a whole post to each meal. So, why not combine several foodie adventures into one post?

The cocktail above was from one of my first Summer adventures, held at Butcher & The Rye (the second Restaurant by Richard DeShantz, & his business partner Tolga).

Focaccia Bread
Focaccia Bread, with ALL THE TOPPINGS, at Butcher & The Rye
Butcher & The Rye comes pretty close, to making focaccia bread as good as the LEGENDARY focaccia bread from The HyeHolde. Soooooo good!

Summer Salad
Butcher & The Rye‘s Summer salad, with: heirloom tomatoes, feta cheese, and artichoke hearts
One of THE best salads I’ve EVER had!

Pint Glass
After Butcher & The Rye, my friend and I attended PGH Happy Hour‘s & Beers of the Burgh Home Brewing event, at Bayardstown! Here is my souvenir glass! 🙂
Bar Marco
After Bayardstown, my friend and I had this HEAVENLY P.B & S’mores dessert at Bar Marco! Even better than munching on S’mores over a campfire!
Bar Marco Burger
Bar Marco burger at brunch- one of THE best burgers, I’ve EVER had in Pittsburgh!
As Anthony Bourdain would say: “please order your burger medium rare! It is, after all, your patriotic duty.”

Custom Cocktail
While at brunch, Bar Marco made this customized cocktail for me, featuring: lemon, orange & Prosecco!
During this brunch, I was lucky enough to meet former co-owner, and manager of Bar Marco, and new Event Coordinator of Studio A.M. & Swing Truck, Bobby Fry! He was such a hospitable host: from his warm welcome, to sharing a bottle of Riesling with us, and giving us a complimentary tour of The Wine Room, he really made this brunch experience at Bar Marco memorable! I’m so grateful to know him; Pittsburgh is lucky to have such a passionate person in the local restaurant industry!

Swing Truck- Jamilka Borges' Food Truck
I have been lucky enough to dine from the Swing truck (Jamilka’s food truck) this summer: the first time, I had a Mallorca (pastry bread with pork and cheese), and the second time, a rice bowl, with chicken.
Crispy Chicken Confit
Recently, I tried the Chicken Confit Dim Sum at Grit & Grace! Let me tell you- my new favorite Dim Sum at Grit & Grace (even better than the Pork Belly Dim Sum)!
Cubano Sandwich from the Steer & Wheel Food Truck
Steer & Wheel Food Truck makes a hell of a good Cubano sandwich!
Jerk Chicken Taco from the PGH Taco Truck
Of course, what summer foodie adventure would be complete without a trip to the PGH Taco Truck? I caught up with this legendary food truck, after a yoga workshop in Lawrenceville. I ordered a Jerk Chicken Taco; soon good! #tacoemojicomingsoon
Thai Iced Coffee
Recently, I tried a new restaurant in Mt. Lebanon, called Thai Touch Kitchen! I was so hungry (and loving the food), that I forgot to take pictures! I did remember to snap some photos of my after dinner treated: Thai Iced Coffee (Iced Coffee with coconut milk); sooooo good, and so much better than Thai Iced Tea!
Thai Iced Coffee
Another shot of the Thai Iced Coffee
Tomato Salad
My first brunch at The Commoner: fresh tomatoes from the Chef’s garden, with cucumbers and cheese! Life doesn’t get much better than this! 😉
Mom's brunch at The Commoner: The Norwegian- salmon lox, on top of cream cheese, and bagel, with capers, onions and a fried egg.
Mom’s brunch at The Commoner: The Norwegian salmon lox, on top of cream cheese, and bagel, with capers, onions and a fried egg.
Sticky Toffee Pudding
For Brunch dessert, my Mom and I shared The Commoner‘s LEGENDARY Sticky Toffee Pudding! Best Sticky Toffee Pudding that I’ve had, ANYWHERE!
Devils on Horseback
Devils on Horseback (dates stuffed with Chorizo) from Meat & Potatoes– they truly make the best!
Poutine from Meat & Potatoes! I thought no one could beat Franktuary, but Meat & Potatoes is tied with them, for the best poutine in the city!


Three Cheers to Summer Foodie Adventures, and Fitness outside in the Summer Sun (whether it be either Yoga in the Square, or a 5k run or walk!)!



-Friendly Fitness Foodie

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