Summer 2015 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Dinner #2: Tako

Octopus Mural
Did you know that Tako means Octopus in Japanese? Here is the namesake mural at Tako!
*DISCLAIMER*: I do not seek monetary benefits from neither Tako, nor its owners, chefs and staff. I’m just a Pittsburgh foodie, who enjoys sharing her foodie adventures! Pictures captured with an iPhone 5s, and edited with Instagram.

Thanks to Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, I FINALLY dined at Tako (the new restaurant from the owners of Meat & Potaotes, and Butcher & The Rye) on Thursday, August 13th, 2015.

The eatPGH ladies have been RAVING about this place in their reviews; thus, my anticipation had surely hit is peak. I made a reservation two months in advance, to ensure my opportunity to dine there.

Bike Chain Chandelier
I REALLY loved this chandelier, made from bike chains!

Second Floor of Tako
Chandelier + the second floor!

Tako's breath-taking bar, and wall of Mezcal and Tequila
The jaw-dropping bar at Tako!

Homemade Tortilla Chips
Homemade Tortilla Chips from Tako = INCREDIBLE!
My Mom and I did the full three course Pittsburgh Restaurant Week dinner. Course #1 included homemade tortilla chips, which were pretty addicting! X)

House made salsa from Tako!
Of course, you have to have salsa for the chips! The salsa on the left was a green chile verde salsa, and the salsa on the right was your traditional tomato-based salsa (but I think there might’ve been a few peppers added to the salsa as well). Both salsa was exquisite- even better than the guacamole!

Speaking of guacamole: my Mom and I chose the Traditional Guacamole as our second courses. Let me tell you: both Tako and Round Corner Cantina make THE best Guacamole I’ve EVER had in my entire LIFE!  Both restaurants add a few slices of jalapeños, which really adds some nice heat to this cool dish!

My dinner at Tako
My whole meal: two Korean tacos, traditional guacamole, and a Desert Lily Cocktail (this cocktail won the “Taste of the Cocktail” Daiquiri Cocktail Competition).
As you can tell, my Mom and I wasted no time devouring the Guacamole!

Soon, it was time for the main course! I chose the Korean tacos, which was composed of: wagyu short rib, peanut, fermented cucumber, sesame, pickled carrot, and cilantro.

I thought no one could beat the PGH Taco Truck, as far as Pittsburgh tacos, but I dare say that Tako has (never fear! The PGH Taco Truck is still my favorite food truck)! The fattiness of the wagyu short rib paired well with the saltiness of the sesame oil; the cucumber and carrot both gave the taco a refreshing taste. These tacos made me so happy!

My beverage of choice: the award-winning Desert Lily Frozen Margarita, crafted by Maggie
My beverage of choice: the award-winning Desert Lily Frozen Margarita, crafted by Maggie
The very first time I dined at Butcher & The Rye, Maggie was one of my two servers (the other one being Wes Shonk, who now works at Wigle Whiskey); I had heard good things about her, since she used to work at Salt of the Earth (a LEGENDARY restaurant in the ‘burgh, formerly owned and founded by Kevin Sousa). Once Tako opened, she was recruited to manage Tako’s Tequila and Mezcal program. Thus, I HAD to try a cocktail from her!

Nevertheless, this cocktail lived up to its award-winning reputation; thank God I had two tacos, to help soak up this lovely margarita in my belly. Otherwise, my Mom might’ve had to have wheeled me home. X)

My dessert: churro funnel cake, with macerated strawberries, and vanilla ice cream
My dessert: churro funnel cake, with macerated strawberries, and vanilla ice cream
I loved the vanilla ice cream, but the funnel cake churro was less than stellar. Next time, I would either pass on dessert, or order something else for dessert.

Overall, I had a VERY positive experience at Tako! Meat & Potatoes is still my favorite Richard/Tolga restaurant, but Tako has now climbed up to the #2 spot! I look forward to returning here in two weeks for dinner!

Tequila sign
I really loved this Tequila sign (reminded me of the RYE sign at Butcher & The Rye)!

Cheers to good food & health,



-Friendly Fitness Foodie


Tako’s website

Tako’s Facebook page

Tako’s Twitter page

Tako’s Instagram page


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