#BeerAndYogaBlowout at the Carrie Furnace, and The Brew Gentlemen

Second Breakfast and Brew Gentlemen
Second Breakfast Food Truck, parked in front of The Brew Gentlemen, in the Braddock neighborhood of Pittsburgh
*DISCLAIMER*: I do not seek monetary benefits from neither South Hills Power Yoga, The Brew Gentlemen, Lululemon, Fittsburgh, nor PGH Yoga Collective. I am just a Pittsburgh Foodie & Yogini, who enjoys sharing her food and fitness adventures with others. Pictures captured with an iPhone 5s, and edited with Instagram.

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015, I was lucky enough to attend the #BeerAndYogaBlowout event (the finale to the summer Beer + Yoga and Brunch series, hosted at The Brew Gentlemen every Sunday). Along with Becca Robertson,  my Yoga Teacher Training Mentor, Hallie Stotsky lead the yoga class at the LEGENDARY Carrie Furnace (in Rankin), assisted by Stacey Vespaziani of South Hills Power Yoga, and Eva Lin Douglass of Schoolhouse Yoga.

The event was SOLD OUT- 300 yogis signed up to attend yoga, beer & brunch! Before class, I spoke to a representative from PGH Yoga Collective, bought a shirt from Fittsburgh, and placed my order for a customized Beer + Yoga tank from Lululemon! 🙂

Hallie taught the first part of class- very energetic and athletic. This was my first class with Becca; thus, I didn’t know what to expect, but dropped all expectations, and trusted her expertise (after all, she trained with the same yoga teachers and studio as me). Becca lead a very gentle second half of class (which I LOVED)! I have been gravitating more and more to gentle, restorative and yin yoga classes lately; thus, I really appreciated this class.

Acro Yoga at Carrie Furnace
Playing around with Acro Yoga, at the end of class, with my friend Jeff as the base, and my friend Kelly as our fan club and moral support on-looker.
Acro Yoga at The Carrie Furnace
More Acro Yoga play at The Carrie Furnace!
Almost bow post in the air
Trying to do bow pose in the air!
Yoga Teacher Photoshoot
My yoga buddy Laura B. held an impromptu yoga photoshoot with me! ❤
Crow Pose variation
Doing a crow variation, that my teacher LA Finfinger taught me!
Crow Pose variation and a smile. Namaste Bitches
Namaste Bitches (and hi camera)! 😉
Once the Acro Yoga play and yoga photoshoot ended, we headed over to The Brew Gentlemen in Braddock, who hosted a beer tasting and brunch!

The Brew Gentlemen in Braddock
The Brew Gentlemen’s sign, in #BeautifulBraddock!
The Brew Gentlemen
Love this sign (also on the side of The Brew Gentlemen)!
Included with admission to #BeerAndYogaBlowout, was a 5 ounce taster (with I thoroughly enjoyed)! I must say: The Brew Gentlemen makes one of THE best local craft beers (perhaps even the best) I have ever tried! I look forward to sampling more from this lovely brewery!

Second Breakfast Pittsburgh
Second Breakfast (organic, local Belgian Liege Waffles, and other breakfast foods) Waffle Wagon!
The Brewery hosted two food institutions: Second Breakfast Waffle Wagon, and Driftwood Pizza. Although I wanted both Pizza AND waffles, sometimes, one must make tough decisions in life. Nevertheless, I went with Second Breakfast, as my Sunday Brunch choice.

Second Breakfast Brunch
Here’s my brunch: chicken and waffles, with a scoop of chocolate ice cream “a la mode” (as the adorable Eva Lin Douglass proclaimed)
OMG! This Second Breakfast experience was even better than my first (at the Spring Solstice Brunch at the Pittsburgh Public Market), probably since the waffle was made fresh on site! I loved Tom’s (the owner of Second Breakfast) fresh take on the dish: instead of fried chicken, almost like a shredded chicken. The Belgian Liege Waffle was prepared and cooked to perfection! Also, I could tell that Tom used good cream and chocolate for the scoop of chocolate ice cream- one of THE best chocolate ice creams I’ve EVER had!

Well there you have it, folks: yoga, beer and brunch, all in the lovely neighborhoods of Rankin & Braddock! Mark my words- Braddock is experiencing a re-birth! Thanks to establishments like The Brew Gentlemen, Free Store, and Kevin Sousa (stay tuned for Superior Motors, his newest restaurant), Braddock will become the next hot-spot in Pittsburgh! Just watch it happen- you can say that the Friendly Fitness Foodie predicted it! 😉

Cheers to good food & health,

-Friendly Fitness Foodie

South Hills Power Yoga’s website

The Brew Gentlemen’s website

Fittsburgh’s website

Lululemon Athletica Pittsburgh’s Facebook page

Second Breakfast’s Facebook page

Pittsburgh Yoga Collective’s website

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