Oms in the Outfield 2015 (and brunch at Meat & Potatoes)

Yoga Day at PNC Park
Oms in the Outfield/”Yoga Day” at PNC Park!
*DISCLAIMER*: I do not seek monetary benefits from neither the Pittsburgh Pirates, Stacey Vespaziani, Sally Sherman, South Hills Power Yoga, nor Meat & Potatoes. I’m just a Friendly Foodie & Yogini, who enjoys sharing her yoga and foodie adventures!

Sunday, August 30th was the 2nd Annual Oms in the Outfield at PNC Park! Last year, I didn’t get the chance to attend; thus, this year, I knew I couldn’t miss out on the fun! The same teachers from last year (Stacey Vespaziani of South Hills Power Yoga, and Sally Sherman of the University of Pittsburgh) both taught an hour-long yoga class, right in the Outfield of PNC Park, to 1,600 ‘burgh yogis! Stacey & Sally taught a challenging class, but also workable enough, that a beginner yoga student could enjoy.

Before the yoga class, Chelsea Collective (an athletic clothing line for women, whom just opened up a store at the Ross Park Mall) provided yoga mats for everyone! Also, students had the option to buy a “HOPE” t-shirt for $25, benefitting breast cancer.

Yogis in the city!
Yogis in the city!
Yogis in the Outfield
Yogis in the Outfield!
After class, each participant was given a FREE official Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap! Once I receive my baseball cap, my friend Steve and I walked over to brunch at Meat & Potatoes (reservations made at least three weeks in advance).

Chicken & Waffles at Meat & Potatoes
The main event: chicken & waffles (cheddar jalapeño waffles, no less), with bourbon maple syrup! Just out of shot: a French 76 cocktail
By the time Steve & I walked over to Meat & Potatoes for brunch, I was for some SERIOUS food! I went with some old stand-bys that never disappoint: Chicken & Waffles (fried chicken, cheddar jalapeño waffles, and bourbon maple syrup), with a wonderful brunch cocktail (French 76)! This was everything I hoped for, and more! ❤

After brunch, back to the field to be “honored” on the ball field before the game, & then onto our seats to watch the Buccos play ball! 😎👍🏻⚾️  

 My happy/blissed out, yet exhausted face, as I pass out on my bed (lol), once the day was done. 
Three cheers to health & fitness,

-Friendly Fitness Foodie

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