My latest two dinners at Bar Marco


Here I am, enjoying a special off-menu dessert on my “30 & Fabulous” birthday at Bar Marco!

*DISCLAIMER*: Neither Justin Steel, Kevin Cox, nor Bar Marco asked me to write this post. I am just a Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie and Yogini, whom enjoys sharing her foodie adventures with others. Photos captured with an iPhone 5s an an iPhone 7. Photos edited in Adobe Photoshop Extended CS4 and Instagram.

Towards the end of August, the Second City Comedy Troupe (who has graduated several Saturday Night Live alumni, including: John Belushi, Tina Fey, and even Jason Sudeikis) came to the Pittsburgh Public Theater! My Mom and I have wanted to see them for years. Thus, we decided to buy tickets to the 5:30pm show on Saturday. Mom has never been to Bar Marco for dinner. Thus, one fateful Saturday evening (after the theater), we went to Bar Marco for dinner!


The Summer Dinner Menu at Bar Marco in Pittsburgh! 


The Summer Dinner Menu, second shot.


Close up of this looker of a menu! 😉


While my Mom and I waited for our food, I enjoyed this light (and beautiful) Peach Fizz cocktail From Bar Marco!


My Mom and I both ordered this Focaccia appetizer dish, made by Bar Marco’s Pastry Chef Dianne! I must say, this comes pretty close to being as good as the Focaccia bread from The Hyeholde. Nice work, Dianne! 


Mom’s main course of choice: Orecchiette with San Marzano, saffron and shrimp! This was VERY good (yes, I took a few bites lol). XD


My main course of choice: Gemeli! Basil Pesto, green bean and potato. LOVED this dish! I literally felt as if I was transported to Italy! Nice work on the pasta, Justin and Dianne!


Mom & I shared this dessert: All Chocolate Everything! Did I already mention how much I love Dianne the Pastry Chef? 😀

When my best friend asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday this year, I said: “attend the Farm-to-Table Harvest Tasting, and then go to Bar Marco for dinner (especially since she has never been there to dinner before)”. So to the Harvest Tasting and dinner we went!

I was lucky enough to meet Bar Marco’s Event Coordinator, Andrew Heffner, at the Farm-to-Table Harvest Tasting! He and I worked for over a month-and-a-half on my “Yoga + Cocktails” event at Bar Marco’s Union Hall, which raised funds for the Food Revolution Pittsburgh Cooking Club (which Bar Marco founded). Thus, it was very nice to meet this person whom I had been e-mailing for months!


Course #1 for my Birthday dinner: Caesar Salad! I must say, this was THE best Caesar Salad I’ve EVER had! A lot of other Caesar Salads I’ve had just have the anchovies within the dressing, but I LOVED that this Salad had anchovies on top of it (and the anchovies were WONDERFUL)! 


Course #2: Butternut Gnudi! Brown Butter, Walnut, Cheese (I forget what kind. This dish has been slightly altered on the newest version of the menu), and a fettucinni sauce! As I told both Dom (Bar Marco’s Sommelier, whom I met on this night) and Justin Steel (Co-Owner and Executive Chef- I also met him that night), these were like “little clouds of heaven”!


I bought some Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream from the Farm-to-table Harvest dinner. By the time my friend and I made it to Bar Marco, it had melted. X) The Bar Marco crew was nice enough to keep it in its freezer, until before we left. Before I had learned the ice cream had melted, I had asked if Justin could scoop out some ice cream and put it in two bowls for my friend and me. 

He happened to have some of the Chad’s Vanilla (one of my FAVORITE flavors) on hand, and Justin was nice enough to scoop some into two bowls, and add some peanuts and a peanut moose, as a special “off-menu” birthday treat! He even visited my friend and I at our table and explain this dish in depth. I was touched (also, what a great way to finally meet him)!

I forgot to mention: the moment I walked in, Dom offered my friend and I a sampling of he Prosecco they had on hand (which, I am a Prosecco fan, so that was great)! Dom spoke to us all night, and explained each dinner dish. Top that with meeting Justin and having a custom dessert for my birthday, I would say this was a VERY good night!

Well there you have it, folks! Two incredible dinners at Bar Marco! If you get a chance to visit this revolutionary restaurant (my favorite restaurant), please do! You will NOT regret it!


Next post: Leah Lizarondo and 412 Food Rescue’s Churchview Farm Dinner 2016!


-Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie


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