A Lawrenceville Adventure in February


When my Women’s Coach (Emily Cassel) and I meet up for a Private Coaching session (at Butterwood Bake Consortium in Lawrenceville), we take our French Press Coffee drinking very seriously! 😉

*NOTE*: Neither Butterwood Bake Consortium, The Vandal nor Emily Cassel asked me to write this post. I am just a Mindful Pittsburgh Foodie and Yogini, who enjoys sharing her foodie and yoga adventures with others. Photos captured on an iPhone 7s, and edited with Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended and Instagram.


Back in February, my Women’s Coach (Emily Cassel) was in town! We met up for a one-day Private Coaching Intensive! Of course, being the foodie I am, we had to do the meet up in style! Thus, we visited The Vandal for dinner, and Butterwood Bake Consortium (both in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh) for coffee and dessert! Here’s what I had:



Main Course: Duck Confit (cooked and served to PERFECTION)! Thank you Csilla & crew! ❤ Of course, thank you Joey Hilty for always making The Vandal feel like home! (*thumbs up*)



A close-up of the LOVELY Duck Confit! 😀


Next, we ventured over to Butterwood Bake Consortium for cake and coffee (coffee pictured at the beginning of the blog post)!



A Vegan chocolate cupcake (with vanilla icing) and a Vegan Vanilla buttercream cake with berries! I just love Butterwood so much! In my opinion, they are tied with the Gluten-Free Goat Bakery & Cafe for THE best Vegan cake in Pittsburgh!


Well there you have it, folks! Whether you live in Pittsburgh or are just visiting, I highly recommend dinner at The Vandal, and then dessert & coffee at Butterwood for the perfect Lawrenceville evening!


Next up: Sunday Brunch at Studio A.M.!


Stay mindful,



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Butterwood Bake Consortium’s website

Butterwood Bake Consortium’s Facebook page

Butterwood Bake Consortium’s Instagram page

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