*SPECIAL POST*: Lunch at Russ and Daughters Cafe

I HAD to stop at Russ and Daughters Cafe while in New York City! Anthony Bourdain loved Russ and Daughters, and Ina Garten (a.k.a., The Barefoot Contessa) loves it too!

*NOTE*: I visited Russ and Daughters Cafe back in June 2018 (WAY before the Coronavirus pandemic began). Russ and Daughters Cafe did not ask me to write this post. I am simply a Mindful Pittsburgh Foodie and Yoga Teacher/Student, who enjoys sharing her foodie and yoga adventures with others. Photos taken on an iPhone 7s, and were edited within Instagram.

When I vacationed in New York City back in 2018, I knew I HAD to visit Russ and Daughters Cafe (especially since Anthony Bourdan, my foodie hero) loved Russ and Daughters. Never mind the 45 minute wait to get in, I was commit to dine there! XD

The menu, which as you can tell, is pretty incredible!
THE BEST Potato Latkes I’ve EVER had, with apple sauce and cream cheese!
THE best Chicken Noodle Soup (well, I should say Matzo Ball Soup) I’ve EVER had! Thank you, Russ and Daughters Cafe!
The Main Course: Bagel Toast with Smoked Salmon and Whitefish! Also, pickles, orange juice and house blend coffee with two sugar-in-the-raws. It does not get much more “New York” then this!

Well there you have it, folks! I would imagine other people besides me grew up enjoying Deli food. I gotta say, this was the best deli/Jewish comfort food I’ve EVER had! I will definitely return to Russ and Daughters Cafe the next time I’m in NYC!

Next up: Dinner at Mission Chinese New York City!


Russ and Daughters Cafe website

Russ and Daughters Cafe Instagram Handle: @russanddaughters

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