*SPECIAL POST* Mission Chinese NYC

*NOTE*: I visited Mission Chinese NYC in June 2018 (WAY before the COVID-19 pandemic started). Neither Danny Bowien nor Mission Chinese asked me to write this blog post. I am simply a Mindful Pittsburgh Foodie and Yoga Teacher/Student, who enjoys sharing her foodie adventures with others. Photos taken on an iPhone 7s, and were edited within Instagram.

I am sticking with the “stations of the cross” as far as my Anthony Bourdain New York City foodie tour from back in June 2018. Next up is Mission Chinese NYC!

First Course: Kung Pao Beets (one of the featured Vegan dishes on the menu). I don’t think Anthony would’ve approved of me being Vegan, but sometimes you have to forge your own path in life. So good!
Main Course: Chengdu Hot Peanut Noodles, prepared Vegan! REALLY good! ❤

There you go, folks! If you ever in New York City, I highly recommend visiting Mission Chinese (one of Anthony’s favorite Chinese restaurants in all of the United States)!

Next up: Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, Summer 2018 at Superior Motors


Mission Chinese’s website

Mission Chinese NYC’s Instagram handle: @MissionChineseFood

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