Mother’s Day Brunch 2018 and August 2019 Summer Pittsburgh Restaurant Week at DiAnoia’s Eatery

The Bread Plate at DiAnoia’s Eatery = pure HEAVEN!

*NOTE*: DiAnoia’s Eatery did not ask me to write this post. I am simply a Mindful Pittsburgh Foodie and Yoga Student/Teacher who enjoys sharing her foodie and yoga adventures with others.

DiAnoia’s Eatery is currently offering takeout and delivery only due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I HIGHLY recommend ordering from them! They also have some special holiday takeout packages, a mozzarella kit and a pasta kit!

DiAnoia’s Eatery has quickly become one of my favorite #Pittsburgh restaurants! Most recently, my Mom and I went there for Mother’s Day Brunch in 2018, and for Summer 2019 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week!

Here is the Breakfast Pizza I enjoyed as part of Mother’s Day Brunch! I gotta say, this was one of THE best Pizzas I’ve EVER had!

Luckily for us, DiAnoia’s Eatery opened up a second restaurant called Pizzeria Davide! They have a location in the Strip District, Robinson Township, and there’s a Carnegie location on the horizon as well! Some of THE best pizza I’ve ever had!
I highly recommend them!

Course #1: Italian Wedding Soup! Soooooo good! 😀
Course #2: Cacio e Pepe! DiAnoia’s Eatery is currently offering a Pasta Box (where you can make Cacio e Pepe at home)! The only Cacio e Pepe I’ve had so far, and so far, the best! ❤
Part two of Course #2: A Meatball in Red Sauce! Did you really go to an Italian American Restaurant if you didn’t have a meatball in red sauce?
Dessert Course: Tiramisu! I was looking forward to it so much I already started to enjoy it before taking a photo! This was absolutely incredible!

Especially if you’re local to Pittsburgh, I highly recommend either ordering takeout or delivery from either DiAnoia’s Eatery and/or Pizzeria Davide!

When it’s safe to travel again, I hope you can visit DiAnoia’s Eatery (if you do not live in Pittsburgh)!

*NEXT UP*: Brunch at Onion Maiden!


DiAnoia’s Eatery’s Current Offerings

Pizzeria Davide’s Website

DiAnoia’s Eatery’s Instagram page

Pizzeria Davide’s Instagram page

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