July 2019 VEG dinner at Kaya

*NOTE*: Kaya did not ask me to write this post. I am simply a Mindful Pittsburgh Foodie and Yoga Teacher/Student, who enjoys sharing her foodie and yoga adventures with others. Photos taken on an iPhone 7s, and were edited in Instagram. Also: I was at Kaya in July 2019 (WAY before the COVID-19 pandemic started).

I have been wanting to dine at Kaya for a while now, and this VEG dinner of July 2019 was the perfect occasion for my first visit!

Course #1: Jackfruit Bao Bun! Pukka barbecue sauce, grilled corn and salsa verde. This is how it’s DONE! If you either #Vegan or #PlantBased, you can still enjoy a Bao bun!
Course #2: Bean Salad! Dragon tongue haricot vert and yellow wax bean, almond and crispy garlic. Vegan, and so tasty!
Course #3: Stuffed Anaheim Pepper! Shiitake, Oaxaca cheese, saffron rice and spicy tomato broth. #Vegetarian, and heavenly!
Dessert Course: Vegetarian Beignets! As Anthony Bourdain would say “life is good again”! Thank you Amie for being my dining companion!

Whether you attend the monthly VEG dinner or stop by for brunch, lunch or dinner, I HIGHLY recommend visiting Kaya in the Strip District neighborhood of Pittsburgh!

Next Up: Brunch at Station!


Kaya’s website

Kaya’s IG handle: @kaya_pgh

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