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B52 makes their own Vegan baked goods and chocolates! Since I don’t live near Lawrenceville, I decided to treat myself and bring a few Vegan Chocolate Truffles home! The small one at the top was a cayenne truffle (so tasty)! The one on the left was a matcha truffle, and the one one the right was a caramel truffle!

*NOTE*: B52 didn’t ask me to write this post. I am just a Friendly Pittsburgh Foodie and Yoga Enthusiast, who enjoys sharing mindfulness with others. Photos captured on an iPhone 7s. Edited with Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended and Instagram.

I was really impressed with B52 when I sampled food from them at the Back of the House event in 2015. Friend and foodie colleague Leah Lizarondo (of the 412 Food Rescue) was a strong advocate for B52 (even before they opened).

Omar Abuhejleh is no stranger to the Pittsburgh Food world. Many know him as the owner of Allegro Hearth bakery in Squirrel Hill. 

B52 is a fusion of American and Middle Eastern (Palestinian) food that just so happens to be “meat-free”/Vegan. I first went to B52 in April 2016 (you may read the original post here). Honestly, the first time I dined at B52, I wasn’t impressed (as a matter of fact, I was disappointed). Even so, so many people continued to rave about this place. Thus, I decided B52 deserved a second chance.

I returned to the establishment in December 2017 (to meet up with a friend and work colleague). Here is what I ordered:


Main course: Cauliflower and Falafel with Tahini sauce! This was INCREDIBLE! I also enjoyed a seasonal latte with almond milk!



Side Dish: Hummus! Simple, effective, and sooo good (almost as good as my grandmother’s)!



If you are either Giuten-Free (or just like to eat healthy), you can ask to sub the pita bread for veggies! Here are the veggies of the day (to go with the hummus)!


I truly believe anyone can enjoy their time at B52 (Vegan or not)!


Next up: Winter 2018 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Dinner #1 at Eddie V’s!


With gratitude,




Mindful Pittsburgh Foodie


B52’s website

B52’s Facebook page

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B52’s Instagram page

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