NEW POST*: Jamilka Borges and Brian Pekarcik’s Churchview Farm Dinner (Summer 2019)

My name tag and welcome glass at the Churchview Farm dinner table!

*NOTE*: Neither Tara, Churchview Farm, Jamilka nor Brian asked me to write this post. I am simply a Mindful Pittsburgh Foodie and Yoga Teacher/Student, who enjoys sharing her foodie adventures with others. Photos taken on an iPhone 7s, and were edited in Instagram. Also, I last visited the Churchview farm back in June 2019 (WAY before the COVID-19 pandemic started).

Last year was my fifth Churchview Farm dinner! It took FIVE years to FINALLY be able to get tickets to my friend and Chef Jamilka’s dinner (as hers is always one of the first dinners to sell out each year)! Back in Summer 2019, she teamed up again with Brian Pekarcik (co-owner and Executive Chef of Spoon and BRGR). I gotta say, I was VERY impressed by their dinner (it will go down in Churchview Farm history as one of THE best dinners I’ve attended)! So, let’s not waste another word and dive in (shall we?)!

Course #1: Churchview Farm Tart! Mulberry Argo-deux and Bronze Fennel. *My dish was #GlutenFree and #DairyFree.
Course #2: Churchview Farm Deviled Eggs (one of my favorite dishes of the night!)! Coppa Secca, mixed CVF herbs and greens, prosciutto, spicy tomato jam, lemon EVOO. *The original dish had whipped goat Rodeo cheese & a sausage scone. My dish was made to be #GlutenFree and #DairyFree.
Course #3: Grilled Churchview Farm Asparagus, beets and radishes. *The original dish included grilled focaccia, lamb meat and yogurt. My Dish was made to be #GlutenFree, #DairyFree and #Vegetarian.
Course #4: Grilled Quail! Cornbread and creamed bitter greens.
A continuation of Course #4: #GlutenFree Cornbread, Rhubarb BBQ, Churchview Farm Turnips and sour cherries. *The original recipe included regular cornbread and creamed bitter greens. My dish is #GlutenFree and #DairyFree.
Dessert Course: Strawberry-Bourbon Smash and Elderflower Merinque! *The original dish was a Tres Leches Cake with Chocolate Mint Cream, but mine was adapted to be #GlutenFree and #DairyFree.

So there you have it, folks! Many thanks to Tara, Jamilka, Brian, the whole crew that helped with the dinner, and Frannie (the dog)!

Right now, Churchview Farm is doing a “Pick-Up Dinner” series with Chefs who have worked with the Churchview Farm for previous year’s dinners are doing a three-course menu you can pick-up, take home and heat up! If you have the means and the time, I highly recommend supporting the farm and the chefs!

Next Up: VEG Dinner at Kaya (July 2019)!


Churchview Farm’s website

Churchview Farm’s IG handle: @churchviewfarmpgh

Spoon’s website

Spoon’s IG handle: @spoonpgh

Jamilka Borges’ IG handle: @jamilkabm

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